WP Envision started conceptually back at the beginning of 2018. January 1, yep one of those kinda New Year’s Resolutions things we all say we are never going to make.

Dan aka the founder (who hates that term) was desperately wanting to change his life, his career, his outlook and find something that really made him want to get up in the morning.

Quick short story about Dan, he actually worked for Envato for a few years as the Elite Author Manager, looking after the top authors who had reached stratospheric sales levels.

Prior to that he had been a long time customer and avid fan of WordPress with a little bit of knowledge in how to ‘hack’ together a Theme, but had always dreamed of being able to code proper stuff, from the ground up.

So it was on that day Jan 1, 2018 that he made himself a promise – I’m going to learn how to develop professional Themes and sell them on ThemeForest by jingoes!

Now, there is a lot of stuff in between there and now, to this point with one published PSD Template, but suffice to say he soon discovered that being a one man team trying to do it all, is really very difficult. Not to say it can’t be done, it can, but it is a long, lonely road.

So he set out on setting up a team of interested individuals to help him.

His idea was massive. He was going to make the next Avada.

A lot of stuff happened in between now and then that we won’t chronicle here either, but suffice to say that once again he found that conquering mountains is a most epic journey, and sometimes you gotsta start at the beginning.

And so it was that we discovered perhaps a better approach would be to start small, submit our designs as a PhotoShop template and learn the process, from design to develop to submission and with any luck, approval.

It’s a tricky slope and one worth climbing if you have commitment, and so it was on the 1st of June 2019, Fission was approved and went up for sale.

fission psd template example
The ‘Light’ version homepage for Fission PSD template

The elation was magical.

The journey is far from over, in fact we have just grown more determined and expanded ever so slightly and are now looking at the next drop, the next design and the next big thing.

The dream never faded, it just evolved and takes time to realise. We hope you can join us on the journey. Visit our item page and smash that follow button for regular updates.

Thanks for visiting!

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