Daniel Michael
Creative Overlord
Melbourne, Australia

Dan’s passion since the dawn of time has been writing, computers, motorcycles and music. He learnt BASIC on a Tandy TRS16 before he was 10 years old, and has had the programming bug ever since. Graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2011 with a Masters in Digital Media, he has a long career in Corporate Communications honing his editorial, publishing and social media marketing skills.

"I've long been fascinated by art and intrigued by primary colours. I've always been a scribbler of things, I fall madly in love with individual elements like footers or the spacing between two elements until I obsess over them to the point of being silly. I'm really affected by geometry in design too, I particularly love odd polygonal shapes and the interplay between them and striking colour."

WP Envision sees him use all of these experiences to bring together the creative and art direction for the projects they create. Easy going, lover of animals, especially his two rescue fur-babies, fascinated by primary colours and a love for Van Goph.

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